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BPO Recruitment Services

We specialize in BPO recruitment services and follow certain unique approaches to achieving the desired results for our clients. The major approaches that we follow are:

Meeting the potential candidates where they are - BPO has become a major sector, and the traditional recruitment methods may need to be revised in this case. There needs to be more than the traditional approaches, like posting vacancies on the leading job boards. If we speak broadly, we can only reach out to 20% of the total talent pool of job hunters when only watching the job boards, and this is very true, especially for the BPO sector. As the recruits in BPO are usually the younger lot, we also search for them on trendier social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and several other social media & networking sites that exist today.

Crafting the employer brands of the BPO companies – There is a widespread perception that BPO jobs are inflexible, with dead ends, low-paying and with very few opportunities for career growth. We run campaigns and awareness sessions to do away with these myths and establish our client BPO companies as the most preferred employment destinations within the entire BPO industry in India. We show the candidates a clear path of career growth and progression in the BPO companies to motivate them to pursue a career in this industry.