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Executive Search

We offer executive search services that are perfectly tailor-made for high-quality leadership consulting services. We aspire to create a pool of talents comprising associates from all over the world. We facilitate various organizations in achieving their success stories & grow beyond their competition in the challenging and complex economy that exists today.

In today’s relentless competitive pressure& unstable conditions in the market, organizations expect from the employees a lot, and these expectations have enhanced multifold. Executive Search applies a real vision of the strategic environments and constraints for finding the best match that suits their requirements.

We offer the following tailor-made executive search services:

Retained search

In the case of recruiting top-level and higher management positions where the search is comparatively tough & the right fits are usually less; we offer retained search to our clients.

Benchmarking of compensation

We benchmark compensation & advice on the various assessments depending on the designations.

Leadership hiring

– Hiring the best leaders for a particular company is complex, and you need several skill sets. Our deep knowledge of different industries is coupled with our rich experience, and thus we effectively find top executives for several critical leadership positions and roles.

Manpower planning

We offer the most strategic manpower planning. We always make it a point to know our clients thoroughly, their work environments & their growth patterns as well. We provide talents to them accordingly.

Turnkey projects

We also help our clients set up full-fledged offices in new locations. From technical to Finance to HR to Leadership to general management, we can provide the best talents for every position.

Volume hiring

This is one of the largest recruitment challenges in several organizations, as recruiting a large team without compromising the skillset and quality is difficult.

Competency mapping

We support several companies in developing a full-fledged recruitment strategy as per their suitability. We vouch to place the right people in the right places to help organizations achieve their targeted success.

Permanent staffing

We are experts in finding the best talents for permanent staffing.